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San Marino | It's Jessika and Jenifer Brenning for Lisbon!

Tonight we saw the grand final of 1in360, San Marino's national final for Eurovision 2018 with Jessika and Jenifer Brenning winning the ticket to Lisbon with their song "Who We Are." This is the first time since their debut in 2008 that San Marino has held a national final to chose their entry for Eurovision.

After 2 semi-finals, a total of 11 acts took part in the grand final:

  1. Camilla - "Yo no soy tu chica"

  2. Emma - "Diamonds"

  3. Franklin - "Stay"

  4. Giovanni Montalbano - "Per quello che mi dai"

  5. Irol feat. Sebastian Schmidt - "Sorry"

  6. Jenifer Brening - "Until the morning light"

  7. Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening - "Who We Are"

  8. Judah - "Stay"

  9. Sara de Blue - "Out of the twilight"

  10. Sebastian Schmidt - "Stay"

  11. Tinashe - "Free Yourself"

The winner of the show was decided by a mix of televote via an online platform of the record label, GlobalRockstar Music and jury vote. GlobalRockstar Music is responsible for the production of 1in360 and fans around the world have been able to cast their vote via their website in the days leading up to the grand final. The two votes were combined to decide the winner.

Prior to the grand final, a few changes were made to the jury line-up. Alessandro Capicchioni, Head of the San Marinese Delegation replaced Zoe Straub (Austria 2016) and her father Christof, who is also the owner of GlobalRockStar Music.

Check out the winning song below:

What do you think of the winner? Do you think we will see San Marino in the Eurovision final this year? Let us know what you think below!!

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