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Finland | Saara Aalto Will Sing "Monsters" In Lisbon

We've known the artist who would represent Finland way back in November, when it was announced Saara Aalto would be going to Eurovision 2018, and after hearing one of her candidate entries each week, tonight the juries and Finnish public chose "Monsters" to represent Finland.

After a one artist three song final, where the songs "Monsters", "Domino" and "Queens" competed in UMK 2018, hosted by 2013 entrant Krista Siegfrids and Mikko Silvennonien tried to win over the international juries and voting Finnish public.

After a close international jury vote, Monsters had a narrow lead of just four points over "Domino" making the Finnish publics vote much more important and impactful, however the public top 3 mirrored that of the juries and by a bigger margin as "Monsters" received a huge 95 televote points, 20 ahead of the publics second place Domino, the full results are as follows:

Monsters - 183 Points (88 Jury, 95 Televote)

Domino - 159 Points (84 Jury, 75 Televote)

Queens - 138 Points (68 Jury, 70 Televote)

Monsters is wrote by previous Eurovision winning songwriters, Joy and Linnea Deb who wrote "Heroes" which won for Sweden in 2015 when sung by Måns Zelmerlöw, as well as a composing credit for Ki Fitzgerald, who is the son of Scott Fitzgerald, who narrowly lost out to Celine Dion in Eurovision 1988. Saara has tried to represent Finland at Eurovision on two previous attempts, where she placed second in both attempts in 2011 and 2016, this is the first time YLE have chosen their artist internally in their Eurovision history, Saara will be competing in the second half of the first semi final.

Are you happy with Monsters heading to Eurovision? Did the right song win? Let us know your thoughts!

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