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Andra Chansen was a celebration

As always, the Second Chance in Melodifestivalen had some fierce duels. And we on Eurovoxx are living for the excitement!

Duel 1

Margaret - Moncho

Thr first duel was all about pure joy and having a great time. Party til mañana or dansa hårt som fan, join Margaret to her Cabana or grab a Cuba Libre at Moncho's? Cheers! Sweden wanted to dance with Margaret, who got very emotional when she got the spot in in the grand final in Stockholm.

Duel 2

Renaida - Olivia Eliasson

They brought all the feels to their performances, more party, more dancing. Neon orange vs neon green. Both singers got dancers and great energy on stage. Tonight was Renaida's time to shine with her bright orange themed performance, and so we will see her next week in the final!

Duel 3

Felix Sandman - Mimi Werner

This was maybe the toughest duel of them all. The beautiful, painful love ballad vs the bubbly, happy song. Maybe Felix did stand out to his advantage, as his song was the only ballad of the night. So Sweden’s choice was Felix, and he will sing his song in the final.

Duel 4

Sigrid Bernson - Mendez

The fourth duel was the third party themed duel, yet these parties were not too much alike! Sigrids party was full of energy, but Mendez brought the carneval to Sweden that Sweden didn’t know they missed! So he earned his spot in the grand final in Stockholm.

Just like David, we are a little blue to think we have to wait a year for the next set up of duels. Because the nervosity can be brutal, yet it is so amazing! Amazingly brutal!

So now the full list of the finalists, and the songs, for Melodifestivalen 2018 looks like this:

Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off

John Lundvik - My Turn

Samir & Viktor - Shuffla

Liamoo - Last Breath

Jessica Andersson - Party Voice

Martin Almgren - A Bitter Lullaby

Rolandz - Fuldans

Mariette - For You

Margaret - In My Cabana

Renaida - All The Feels

Felix Sandman - Every Single Day

Mendez - Everyday

Are you happy with the result? Did your favorite make it?

And most importantly, who is your favorite to win Melodifestivalen 2018? Let us know ;)

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