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The Netherlands | Waylon Reveals Eurovision Entry "Outlaw In 'Em"

Back in November it was announced one half of Netherlands 2014 duo The Common Linnets, Waylon would represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2018, and after showcasing five potential songs off his new album, tonight we leant which of the five is heading to Lisbon, and it is "Outlaw In 'Em"

Every night this week, Waylon has been showcasing a different song on Dutch television, each as a potential entry for Eurovision, however on tonights show we found out it is "Outlaw In 'Em" a song with a very strong country tone and vibe which is kept throughout the song from the first bar to the last. Waylon is competing in the first half of the second semi final in Lisbon, having had second place in the contest once, can he do one better with "Outlaw In 'Em?"

So The Netherlands have their entry? What are your thoughts on the song? We will be seeing The Netherlands in the final? let us know!

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