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Aron releases his 'Golddigger' video

February 28, 2018

Aron Hannes is a young talented artist, who is going for the finals in Songvakeppnin (Iceland Eurovision Grand Prix) next Saturday. The young singer has had a big year! Last year Aron's "Tonight" came in 3rd in Songvakeppnin. And last summer he, released his hit singles "Sumarnótt" and "Morgunkoss." 




Today, we got happy news from Hands Up Music that Aron Hannes released his new video for 'Gold digger'. The song is written by Sveinn Runar Sigurdsson, Valgeir Magnusson, Oskar Nyman, Joel Isaksson and Tara Nabavi. The video is produced by Andvari for Hands Up Music and Pipar/TBWA. The director of the video is Guðný Rós Þórhallsdóttir. 


Aron as a charismatic Icelandic young guy brings his skills on his video... He is a chef and cooking... he is taking a good care of his girl to make her satisfy...  In music lyrics he says: 'I don’t mind living a lie, I keep on givin, and givin, and givin, Gonna keep her satisfied'. 

Check out the official video below:

What do you think about his new video? Is Aron Hannes, the one who will take Iceland to Portugal?



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