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Hungary | AWS will represent Hungary in Lisbon

Tonight was the final of A Dal, the Hungarian national selection show for Eurovision 2018 and rock band AWS won with their song 'Viszlát nyár'.

The show began with a ballet performance, after which we heard 8 candidates who performed songs in both English and Hungarian. After each performance, the professional jury gave comments on each of the acts.

The first phase of the show ended with the jury vote who chose 4 superfinalists:

AWS - Viszlát nyár

Gergely Danielfy - Azt mondtad

yesyes - I let you run away

Viktor Kiraly - Budapest girl

After the 4 superfinalists had been chosen, there was an interval act and the audience were also shown multiple recaps of the 4 songs. Unlike the first round, only the televoters were voting in the second round, and they chose AWS to sing for them in Lisbon.

Check out their performance in the A Dal final below:

What do you think of AWS and their song? Do you think they were the right choice for Hungary? Let us know in the comments below!!

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