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Follow Saara to her Wonderland in "Queens"

Saara’s 3rd song, Queens, is out and we couldn’t be any more excited! Now we can compare and speculate which one is THE ONE for Saara and Finland.

Queens starts off with an Alice in Wonderland feel, bringing the listener into a mood of mystique but yet full of light. The chorus however, takes you from the wonderland into a different landscape where you are invited to be one of the queens of a new nation. The video (watch it here) is in like Saara, not a dull moment. With (at least) 4 looks, 2 cats and many many dancers the over all picture is built.

This song brings out the funny and goofy side of the singer. Queens does remind us (in a positive way) of her X-factor performace of Björk's "Oh So Quiet". (Click here to watch it) Maybe her third UMK song truely comes to life on stage, enchanting, and making us stay in her Wonderland.

We simply can not wait to see this on stage, on the 3rd of March. Hopefully she will go all in with all of her performaces.

Will you watch UMK 2018? Which one of the 3 UMK songs is your favorite; Monsters, Domino or Queens?

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