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Germany | Michael Schulte Wins Unser Lied für Lissabon

Tonight, Germany held their national selection show to find their singer and song for Lisbon, and after six acts, and three separate colums of voting, which included a public televote, an international jury of 20 people, and an 100 person panel made up of members of the German public, the winner was Michael Schulte and the song "You Let Me Walk Alone"

In the six song final, Michael was the clear stand out it seems as he won over all three panels, placing first and scoring the maximum twelve will all three, whilst the other five acts had no real consistency in their scoring, Michael rose above them all and will now represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, this is the first time Germany have selected a male soloist for the competition since Roman Loeb in 2012.

Fan favourite voXXclub sadly could not capitalise on their pre show adoration on the night, despite placing second with the public, they placed fifth with the Eurovision panel and last with the international jury, giving them 5th placing overall, the overall final standings were as follows:

1st - Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone

2nd - Xavier Darcy - Jonah

3rd - RYK - You & I

4th - Ivy Quainoo - House On Fire

5th voXXclub - I mog Di so

6th - Natia Todua - On My Way

As a member of the Big Five, Germany have a direct pass to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, however we shall see Michael performance a snippet of his song, during the interval of the second semi final, as that is the semi final Germany have been drawn to vote in.

How do you feel about Michael winning? Didi the right song win? How will he fare in Lisbon? Let us know your thoughts!

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