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Azerbaijan's AISEL To Work With Her Dream Team For Eurovision.

When it comes to Eurovision, Azerbaijan is certainly recognised as one of the power houses of the competition. With one win, several top ten finishes, and a 100% success rate of qualification to the final, the Eurasian nation tends to go all out when putting it's act forward for Europe to judge. Do you remember Dihaj and the man wearing a horse head last year? If so, this year, the country seems to pulling all the stops in getting noticed.

It has been revealed recently by Azeri media, that this year's representative AISEL is going all out working with her, "Dream Team" to compose, and present this year's Eurovision entry. This dream team consists of no other than Philip Kirkorov.

For anyone who has followed the contest since last century will know that he is famous for being the second person to represent Russia in 1995. She is also joined by choreographer and creative director Lilias Kokotos and composer Dimitris Kontopoulous who were famously behind Sergey Lazarev's Russian 2016 Eurovision entry "You are the only one".

In the past few weeks there had been speculation of a Kirkorov collaboration after it had been mentioned that a 'friendly' country would act as a producer. This coupled with the fact that AISEL has been seen with Philip in Moscow several months ago has all culminated in the recent announcement that they would be working together.

The 28 year old artist is renowned for her jazz style of music and has won many awards over the years. She has also announced that the song will be sung in both English and Azeri which will be the first time you would have heard this in the main competition. This year seems to be the year of the native language as many other countries have opted to sing in their traditional tongue.

Are you looking forward to hearing the song, and seeing how Philip Kirkorov will contribute to the entry? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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