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Armenia | Foul Play In Depi Evratesil First Semi Final?

On Monday evening the first semi final of Armenia's selection show Depi Evratesil took place, and saw ten acts competing for five spots for Sunday's final. Although the show was well produced and well received by many, that quickly faded after the qualifiers were announced and Tamar Kaprelian, who represnted Armenia in 2015 with the group Genealogy failed to advance. And following a tweet sent out by Tamar shortly after the broadcast, many are questioning the validity of the result and AMPTV.

Tamar entered the selection with her song "Poison (Ari Ari") the song had obvious ethnic elements and influences scattered throughout the song and even featured the Armenian language in the opening line of the chorus, however despite her best efforts, which included her being carried on a chair by four dancers at the beginning and end of the performance, she did not advance and further in the competition. Tamar shortly after the results came out and said many people had contacted her or her team saying her televote number was not working or never went through and therefore were not registered, however other acts received votes perfectly fine, although no statement regarding the SMS voting has been released from AMPTV, did the public score drop Tamar out of the top five and a spot in the final?

The online community seem split on why Tamar failed to advance, some citing vocals and performance on the night being below than they expected and some citing the broadcaster themselves blocked her from advancing, Tamar a few weeks prior also addressed a tweet where allegations and rumours were circulating AMPTV had aready selected their artist and entry from the 20 competing acts, then name being brought up the most being Mger Armenia and his song "Forever", although Tamar dismissed any thoughts of this, following the result of the semi final, these questions and allegations are being raised again amongst the community online.

What do you think of all this? Did Tamar deserve a spot in the final? Was she purposely put at a disadvantage or an unfortunate casulity of the selecion? Make sure you let us know!

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