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Romania | The Humans, Teodora Dinu and Dora Găitanovici take the remaining spots for the Grand Final

Tonight Televiziunea Română took us to the historic city of Sighișoara. There we heard the final 12 artists competing for the remaining 3 seats in the Grand Final of Selecția Națională. The judges were the same as in previous 4 semi finals, Liliana Ștefan, Viorel Gavrilă, Ilinca Băcilă, Nicu Patoi and Marian Ionescu and the hosts were the dynamic duo Diana Dumitrescu and Cezar Ouatu.

After an amazing night and some really great acts the three lucky acts of the evening with most points from the judges and a golden ticket to the Grand Final were; The Humans with the song "Goodbye", Teodora Dinu with the song "Fly" and Dora Găitanovici with the song "Fără tine".

The other contestants of the night were:

  • Manuel Chivari - "Somebody to Love"

  • Maria Suciu - "Sweet Nothing"

  • Evermorph - "Live Your Life"

  • Tomer Cohen - "Baby You're the Only One"

  • Sergiu Bolotă - "Every Little Thing"

  • Alexandru Ungureanu - "Sail with Me"

  • Iliana - "I Won't Lie"

  • SAVE - "All We Need"

  • Denisa Trofin - "Tears"

The interval act of the evening was a different kind as it was a recording of an open air concert from yesterday where the Romanian band Direcția 5 played for towns folk and other guests at Piața Cetății or the town square of Sighișoara. A fantastic interval act and a great show it was, but one of the judges, Marian Ionescu, is a member of Direcția 5.

Now the only thing remaining for Romania is the Grand Final that will be held next Sunday on February 25th where the 15 artists from previous 5 semi finals will fight for their chance to become Romania's representative in Lisbon in May.

What did you think of the night? Did your favourite go through to the Final? Tell us your opinion in comments.

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