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Vanja Radovanovic will represent Montenegro in Lisbon

The national final of Montenegro was held tonight, and the winner is Vanja Radovanovic with song Inje( Hoarfrost). Among the five songs, the audience decided to send Vanja Radovanovic to Lisbon. The powerful Balkan ethno ballad written by Vanja Radovanovic, won the hearts of public, who decided on a 100% Montenegrin representative.

Nenad Knezevic Knez ( Montenegro 2015), Slavko Kalezic( Montenegro 2017) and the orchestra with violins which covered many eurovision hits, performed as a interval acts. As an interval act , Eugent Bushpepa ( Albania 2018) should have appeared, but he canceled his performance.

The vote consisted of two phase. In the first phase of voting selected top 3:

- Vanja Radovanovic- Inje

- Lorena Jankovic- Dusu mi daj

- Katarina Bogicevic - Nezeljena

Artists re-performed their songs and after in the second phase of voting audience choose the winner. Vanja is 10th Montenegrin representative at Eurovision.

What do you think of Montenegro's choice tonight? Do you like it? Do you think it will qualify for the Grand Final? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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