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Lauris Valters and Laura Rizzotto qualify from the third Semi-final of Supernova

In the previous weeks, Latvia have selected 5 candidates: two from semi-final 1, Edgars Kreilis, and Liene Greifane and three from semi-final 2. Madara and Ritvars were selected on the day of the show., but a few days later it was announced that there had been a mistake in the calculation of the votes and thus, Markus Riva was announced the runner-up of the show. To play fair, Supernova allowed Ritvars to participate in the final. Tonight, the third and last semi-final took place, with the national broadcaster LTV searching for their hopeful to bring the trophy back to Latvia.

Tonight's edition saw two artists qualify for the Supernova grand final.  They were Lauris Valters and Laura Rizotto.  The two artists qualified to the final via a combination of votes from a jury of music professionals and the Latvian public. A total number of 21 artists competed in the three semi finals of the Latvian national selection. The final will take place next week on 24th February with the 7 artists selected from the semi-finals.  

Tonight, the following seven artists competed for a place in the 'Supernova' final:

1. Jenny May - "Soledad"

2. Ed Rallidae - "What I Had with You"

3. Katrine Lukins - "Running Red Lights"

4. Lauris Valters - "Lovers Bliss"

5. MIONIA - "You"

6. Kris & Oz - "Morning Flight"

7. Laura Rizzotto - "Funny Girl"

Two of the artists made it to the final. Did your favourites qualify?  Please tell us in the comments below.

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