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Iceland | Aron Hannes, Áttan and Dagur Sigurðsson Qualify For Söngvakeppnin's Grand Final

It was another great night in the Icelandic preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. The second and final semi final of Söngvakeppnin was held this evening in Háskólabíó in Reykjavík where the final three artists were chosen through to the Grand Final by 100% public voting. The atmosphere in the audience was thrilling, as the crowd waited to see who got through to the Final.

Tonights contestants were:

  • Aron Hannes with Golddigger (Gold Digger)

  • Áttan (Sonja Valdín & Egill Ploder) with Hér með þér (Here For You)

  • Dagur Sigurðsson with Í stormi (Saviours)

  • Stefanía , Agnes, Regína Lilja with Svaka stuð (Heart Attack)

  • Þórir Geir & Gyða Margrét with Brosa (With You)

  • Rakel Pálsdóttir with Óskin mín (My Wish)

After the votes had been counted, and fans finished biting  their fingernails from excitement, it were Aron Hannes, Áttan and Dagur Sigurðarson who the Icelandic nation chose as their finalists for  Söngvakeppnin 2018. These three artist will now have to battle against the already qualifiers in the Final, Ari Ólafsson, Heimilistónar and the Fókus group.

So this will be an exiting Grand Final for the Icelanders on March 3rd 2018. 

Did your favourite qualify? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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