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Eight Acts Qualify For Slovenia's EMA Final

Tonight, Slovenia began their search for their next Eurovision participant, after Omar Naber failed to qualify for the Eurovision Grand Final last year. This year RTV Slovenija have opted for their EMA pre-selection show. It consisted of one semi final tonight that saw sixteen songs perform for eight places in the grand final to be held next week on the 24th February 2018.

The 16 artists that performed were:

Anabel- "Pozitiva" (Positivity)

BQL- "Ptica" (Bird)

Gregor Ravnik- "Zdaj je čas" (Now is the time)

Ina Shai "V nebo" (To the sky)

Indigo - "Vesna" (Spring)

KiNG FOO- "Žive sanje" (Living dreams)

Lara Kadis- "Zdaj sem tu" (Now I’m here)

Lea Sirk- "Ne, hvala!" (No, thanks!)

ManuElla - "Glas" (The voice)

Marina Martensson- "Blizu" (Close)

MILA- "Svoboda" (Freedom)

Nika Zorjan- "Uspavanka" (Lullaby)

Nuška Drašček- "Ne zapusti me zdaj" (Don’t leave me now)

Orter- "Kraljica" (Queen)

Proper- "Ukraden cvet" (Stolen flower)

Tanja Ribič- "Ljudje" (People)

The public chose four songs to go through to next weeks final, while the professional jury chose the other four. The national broadcaster insisted this year that all songs were to be performed in Slovenian, after its lack of success in the English language.

The 8 artists that qualified were:

Ina Shai - "V nebo" (To the sky)

Indigo - "Vesna" (Spring)

Lara Kadis- "Zdaj sem tu"Finalist

BQL"Ptica- "Finalist"

Proper- "Ukraden cvet"

Marina Martensson- "Blizu"Finalist

Nuška Drašček- "Ne zapusti me zdaj"

Lea Sirk- "Ne, hvala!"

Next week will see one those songs chosen to sing for Slovenia in Lisbon. Which is your favourite? Have you decided who should be there? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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