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Will Saara win UMK with Domino?

Saara’s second song is a power ballad with a capital letters! Her high note is indeed impressive, as she declares the bravery to love and give oneself to it. Previously Saara described her song as an emotional love song, telling about the moment one totally falls for someone. The kind of love one really wants to hold on to.

One of the co-writes of Domino is no one else but Thomas G:son. THE Thomas G:son who has been involved with 12 Eurovision songs so far (like a song called Europhoria, maybe you know it? ;)) With gold on her face and a very simple yet beautiful music video. But we can not help ourselves and wonder what she will bring on stage. We see a windmachine, rain of gold... will she surprise us? During the past week Saara's first hint to the fans was Everything that glitters is gold. In the video she is looking stunning in black and gold, but that was it, no more gold. Maybe she will bring even more gold in her live performance.

Fans have taken the new song with love - but it seems Monsters is more popular at the moment. The video has been available on Youtube (click here to watch it!) for soon 13 hours, and has 52 000 views. The very same number for Monsters was past 80 000. But we want to know what you think! Will the tables turn in Domino's favor? Did you fall for Domino, and are you excited about the third song?

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