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JESC 2018 | More preparations are underway!

Belarussian broadcaster BTRC have confirmed that the BelExpo National Exhibition Centre will play host to the opening ceremony of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk, Belarus. The exact date of the opening ceremony has yet to be announced.

The Steering Group for Junior Eurovision 2018 have traveled to Minsk for their first visit to the Belarussian capital alongside Jon Ola Sand, Gert Kark, Gordon Bonello and Thomas Niedermayer.

The steering group are the governing body of Junior Eurovision, who are there to help with the format and hosting of the show. The members of the group are: Belarus (BTRC), Georgia (GPB), Italy (RAI), Netherlands (AVROTROS), Russia (RTR) and Malta (PBS).

Upon his visit, Jon Ola Sand had this to say:

"In a few weeks, we will begin to announce a lot of news related to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will be associated with graphics, branding of the show, logo and slogan. We will also soon announce the exact date of the show."

Jon Ola Sand will return to Mink in the spring time to further discuss preparations for Junior Eurovision 2018, whilst the steering group will meet in Geneva in the summer time.

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