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Alekseev will represent Belarus with 'Forever'!

Tonight Belarus decided, and it is Alekseev to Lisbon with his song 'Forever'!

10 songs competed at the Eurofest national selection, which as in previous years was not without drama - including the withdrawal of some artists in protest at the inclusion of Alekseev's - who's song was accused of breaking the rules.

However the night belonged to Alekseev who won both the jury and public vote.

Tonight has seen ten artists compete for the honor of representing Belarus. The order of the acts were:

1. Adagio, "Ты і я" (You and Me)

2. Alekseev, "Forever"

3. Shuma, "Хмаркі"

4. Napoli, "Chasing rushes"

5. Анастасия Малашкевич, "World on fire"

6. Гюнешь, "I won’t cry"

7. Радиоволна, "Subway lines"

8. ALEN HIT, "I don’t сare"

9. Lexy, "Ain’t you"

10. Кирилл Гуд, "Deja Vu"

The show was broadcast by TV channels 'Belarus 1' and 'Belarus 24'.

Belarus joined the Eurovision family in 2004, with their best result coming in 2007 - Dmitry Koldun and 'Work Your Magic', which brought the country 6th position. Since the introduction of the semi-finals back in 2004, the country had only 5 qualifications to final. NaviBand with their song, 'Story of My Life' did so last year.

Alekseev has won Belarus National Final and secured the right to be Belarus's next Eurovision entrant in Portugal. What do you think of 'Forever' Please tell us in the comments below.

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