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Sergey Lazarev releases his new video clip

He is one of the Eurovision fan favorites of all time with people still singing 'Thunder 'n' lightining..." Everyone needs to sit closer, because it is getting EXCITING. Recently, in December 2017, he released his album 'In the Epicenter', which included 15 songs.

The charismatic, macho Russian artist yesterday gave his fans a nice surprise. As it was Valentine's Day, the singer gave all his love to his fans by releasing his new video on the song 'Сдавайся / Give up'. Without doubt Sergey wants to have all of your attention. We all remember his crazy staging in Eurovision. This time he brings a lot of drama to the new video.

The video clip starts with his dramatic words. He starts, 'Who invented that Love it is a golden arrow?' - at the same time an arrow comes from the sky to his chest. Then he continues: 'Love can hurt... If the arrow falls into one.' The dramatic part of the song is when his loved one runs up to him, and gives herself to him, by hurting herself. It is an original clip, and there are so many emotions. The lyrics are also very dramatic. As in the chorus of lyrics it says:

'Surrender! A draw in your war, and I ask – come back.

Surrender! In my desert you are a mirage, but you do not disappear.

I did not believe, that the soul without love, as without water, dries up.

I'm not your enemy anymore. Surrender!'

Check the video for yourself, and let us know what do you think about his song and the video. Do you like Sergey Lazarev? Please let us know in the comments below.

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