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Finland | 'Domino' Is A 'Power Ballad Gone Swedish Pop'

Finland this year selected their artist internally. And it is no stranger for Eurovision Fans at all. Saara Aalto is Finland's hopeful for the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest. 'We believe strongly that the luminous Saara Aalto, who is building an international music career, is our secret weapon to success. We are putting all our best efforts into having three captivating songs and shows to choose from, with the best one to be staged in May in Lisbon', says UMK producer Anssi Autio.

Comparing to last year's UMK, this year Saara Aalto fight with herself in 3 different entries. Last week, she showed us her 'Monsters' and her fierceness by singing: 'You can try and scare me now, but I ain't scared no more':

Yesterday, Saara Aalto and Krista Siegfrids gave us some hints what to expect from Saara Aalto's next song 'Domino'. Saara says: 'This is a love song. 'Domino' is about the moment when you're so in love, that you feel that you're being swept off your feet!'

In the next teaser, which was also released yesterday, Krista and Mikko discuss the song. Mikko says: 'This is like power ballad gone Swedish pop', whereas Krista adds: 'I can see the wind and Saara's gorgeous hair. Fabulous dress, the wind is blowing and Saara is the diva in the middle of the stage'.

'Domino' will be released this Friday, on 16 February. Are you exciting about the song? Will Saara be next Finnish 'Monster' to win the Eurovision Song Contest after Lordi?

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