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Netta Berzilai To Represent Israel At The Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Tonight, Israel found it's next "Rising Star". After several moths of auditions, heats and finals, the southern nation has finally selected the person they want to be their star in Lisbon 2018.

The final this evening has seen four acts compete for the ticket to Lisbon. Jonathan Mergui, Chen Aharoni, Riki Ben Ari and Netta Barzilai all sang their hearts out in the first round. Chen was eleiminated after the performance of "Neshima". The second round saw all three artists sing their best, with Netta Barzilai's version of "Tik Tok" / "Gangnam Style" winning the judges vote. The votes are below:

The star studded affair saw last years winner IMRI present. The official song has not been chosen yet but it is expected to be released in next month.

Israel have appeared at 41 occasions. Last year it was feared it would be the last as the their national broadcasting channel closed down. IMRI qualified for the Grand Final, could Netta Barzilai's follow in his footsteps.

What do you think of her? Do you think she is the best choice for Israel? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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