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'Eye Cue' band and their entry 'Lost and Found' for F.Y.R. Macedonia

Today is a Balkan marathon. After Croatia decided their singer, F.Y.R. Macedonia is thesecond Balkan state to announce their representative. The Commission decides that 'Eye Cue' and their entry 'Lost and Found' has the highest number of votes and thus, it will be represent F.Y.R. Macedonia in Portugal. The music and lyrics are written by Bojan Trajkovski and producer of arrangement is Darko Dimitrov. The commission according to the rules, unanimously concluded that: the chosen composition on the Eurovision stage will best be brought by the group "Eye Cue", which is the author's own group with the vocalist Marija Ivanovska.

On February 10, in the premises of MTV, a selection of the received songs was held after the announced public call for: A song to represent Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest, Lisbon 2018. The commission consisted of: Meri Popova - Coordinator of the Eurovision 2018 project and editor of the Cultural Art Program of MTV1, Karolina Petkovska - editor of the Editorial Board for Contact Entertaining Emissions in MTV1, Aleksandra Jovanovska - editor and host of the music show in MTV1, Avni Qaili - editor of the Cultural Art Program of MTV2, Branka Kostic Markovic - music journalist and critic, Andrijana Jovanovska - music reporter in Reporter MK, Marko Mark - music journalist in "Channel 77" and TV host "Telma" and Antonio Dimitrievski editor-in-chief of "True MK" and producer of the musical event "Macedonian Radio Festival".

In the process of preparation for selection, MTV invited ten other people who professionally deal with the Macedonian and world music scene and events, but for personal and subjective reasons they were not part of the selection committee.

This year, F.Y.R. Macedonia received 382 songs for the Eurovision Song Contest. Elimination was in 3 rounds, and in the end 12 compositions were chosen by the committee. Each of the compositions was ranked and scored according to the Eurovision principle of voting in the last round by the commission.

The Commission is unanimous in the view that: the selected composition has a contemporary sound, impressive refrain and text, excellent and original vocal abilities of the performer, which certainly offers the opportunity for a quality Eurovision package and a worthy presentation of MRT and Macedonia at this prestigious musical event organized by EBU.

Until the song will be released, lets watch their song and let us know if you like F.Y.R. Macedonia's decision. Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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