Mikolas Josef Sets His Sights On America.

February 12, 2018


He hasn't competed yet, but Mikolas is already talking about life after Eurovision.  It seems that this talented young artist has set his sights on America.


In an interview given to Super.cz, Mikolas spoke about his ambitions.  He's tried modelling, but his fortay is singing.  He's currently hoping to take the Eurovision crown, but trying to conquer America is his main aim.  In a brutally honest talk he says that he doesn't really pay much attention to the music scene at home.


He said, "I would like to continue to perform abroad, try to make America... Something may come out before Eurovision, but I do not want to overtake it, in any case it is the dream".


The young singer has already appeared on Ukraine's Vidbir on Saturday, where he made quite the impression.  It is also expected that he will appear in the Eurovision Concert's in London and Amsterdam.  Although this is yet to be officially confirmed.


The Czech republic are taking things seriously this year in the hope that the country will qualify for their second final since their participation in the contest back in 2007. 


The singer was an instant hit with the international juries, and public vote.  They both categorically chose him as their representative at this year's Eurovision.


This young singer, is modern and fresh.  Eurovoxx are expecting big things from Mikolas.  His style seems to be very popular across the pond at the moment.


What do you think of "Lie To Me" will it win?  Do you think he will have a massive career after the contest.  Tell us your opinions in the comments below.


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