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Three More Qualifiers from Romania's Selecția Națională Semifinal 4 to the Final

The 4th semifinal of Selecția Națională, Romania’s selection for Eurovision, was this evening and three more artists out of twelve that performed tonight were chosen forward to the Grand Final that will be held on February 25th.

Tonights contestants were:

  • Bernice Chitiul with “Too Busy for My Heart”

  • Christian Simionescu with “Nirvana”

  • Nicoleta Țicală with “Uni oportunidad”

  • ZØLTAN with “Dacă dragostea e oarbă”

  • Alice Jeckel with “Out of the Dark”

  • Dan Manciulea with “Rază de soare”

  • Lion's Roar with “Rekindle the Flame”

  • Ioana Ciornea with “Time After Time”

  • TIRI with “Deșert de sentimente”

  • Feli with “Bună de iubit”

  • Paula Crișan with “I Am Here”

  • Claudia Andas with “The One”

But like said before, there were only three winners of tonights show and the lucky once were Feli, Tiri and Claudia Andas, chosen by the jury.

The semifinal was this time held in Salina Turda in the city of Turda, but Salina Turda is a salt mine open to the public and like previous semifinals it was presented by Diana Dumitrescu and Cezar Ouatu. For the opening act performed the quartet Ad Libitum featuring the young Katia Cărbune and the quartet took care of the closing the show as well. 

Tonight’s interval act was singer Elena Gheorghe, Romania’s representative in Eurovision 2009, who entertained the audience with her singing and a very successful and quick onstage wardrobe change for every other song. 

There is one more semifinal yet to be held next Sunday where the remaining three spots will be filled for the Grand Final.

Did you like the tonights qualifiers? Was your favourite among them? Tell us in comments below.


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