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Interview with Gunesh - Belarus Eurovision Candidate

We were lucky enough to talk to Gunesh who talked about her personal life, her music career and her team. 

She is the winner of many prestigious international vocal competitions - In 2005, after she participated in the International Competition of Young Performers 'Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk' Gunesh went on to receive wide acclaim. In 2006, she was voted first place by the audience  with a wide margin between her rival in the 'Song of the Year in Belarus'. In 2010 she became a member of the International Association of festivals and artists WAFA and in 2011 she was awarded high state award - the Skarina Medal. Gunesh will perform in the Belarus national selection with her powerful ballad 'I won't cry'. If you want to know about her, then read our interview:

Can you introduce yourself? Who is Gunesh?

- My name is Gunesh Abasova. I was born and raised in a small town called Baranovichi in Belarus. I have been involved with music since my youth. My artistic career began as a contest singer. I participated in many vocal contests and represented Belarus. I was awarded the high state award of Belarus Republic.

Gunesh, you were born in Belarus, however you also have roots from Azerbaijan. What does it mean for you? Do you see yourself more Belarus or Azerbaijani?

- My parents were born and raised in Guba, Azerbaijan - this is my ethnic country. And my name Gunesh in translation to Azerbaijani means - Sun! And in life I also try match to my name (she smiles).

Gunesh, we can call you the veteran of Belarus Eurovision. But mainly because , you represented Belarus in Turkvision and got second place with the song 'Last memories'. What did this mean to you?

- Turkvision for me is an important contest. It was placed in Turkey - the motherland of my husband. The 2013 contest impressed me with its scale and perfect organization! Despite that it was first contest, everything was very professional and the audience was big. I am really happy that I made to TOP 3.

Gunesh, you tried to represent Belarus in Eurovision in several times. Why do you want to participate in the contest? What does it mean for you to win the contest? All in all, will it help you to prepare the contest better?

- It has been already a long time that I am a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. I am participating in national selection 7th time, and it is the 7th time I am in the final. Participating in the past in the selection - is a huge experience. This time I again participate, in order to win. I feel the strength to do it. 

Have you ever considered to participate for Azerbaijan in Eurovision?

- I think that in Azerbaijan there are lots of (great amount) talents, which represented country worthy/dignifiedly, and they will still represent Azerbaijan Republic in Eurovision.

In 2012 your song was written by Azerbaijani team, however this year, you are working with a Swedish team. How did you get these songs? Did you search for it or it was offered for you?

- I am very happy with the cooperation of Azerbaijani producer and composer Isa Malikov, who produced 2 amazing compositions 'And morning will come' and 'Tell me why' in 2012, which are still playing in radio stations. This year I am prepared by a team of swedish professionals headed by Tim Norell.   One of the famous swedish composer, is the creator and author of music of songs of group 'Secret Service', including world hits like 'Ten O'clock Postman' and 'Flash In The Night'. Preparations for my song goes partly in Minsk, and partly in Stockholm. Tim Norell wrote the composition 'I won't cry' and he was searching for a vocalist, who would sing it. I am happy that professionals like this level appreciated my vocal and offered me to cooperate with them in the preparation for the Belarus national selection of Eurovision Song Contest. The composition is difficult and to make sure that everything is in the high level,  I am working vocalist Anders Hansson, who is famous for working with world stars as Christina Aguilera, Cher, Army of Lovers, etc. For me it is another step in development and precious/invaluable experience.

About your song. What does 'I won't cry' mean for you? Was there any moment where it made you cry?

The song, which I will perform in the selection is called 'I won't cry'. This song is about a  strong woman, who in spite of losses and obstacles, continues to believe in her power and goes forward! The authors are a trio of famous Swedish songwriters Norell-Oson-Bard, Tim Norell, the executive producer of the music, Ola Håkansson and Alexander Bard are the co-writers of the lyrics. 

Who are your influences/idols?

I love various styles in music. Once I was even fond of collecting ethnic music of different countries. I tried myself in different music directions. I have lots of idols, I am fan of good, strong vocals. 

Who do you see as competition for you in the contest?

All the finalists are worthy competitors. I hope, the victory will be based on how the contestants cope with their compositions. I would like to wish 'Good Luck!' to all finalists 

And here you can watch Gunesh's entry 'I won't cry':

The Belarussian national broadcaster BRTC will be holding their national final on the 16th February 2018.  The final will see ten artists including Gunesh compete for the honour of representing Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon this May.  Team Eurovoxx would like to wish this talented artist the very best of luck in the forthcoming national final.

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