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Samir & Viktor And LIAMOO Win The Second Semi-Final Of Melodiefestivalen 2018

The biggest and most popular Eurovision pre-selection show that is the "Melodifestivalen" was back this evening for its second semi- final, which was held at the Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg. Seven artists performed in the hope of qualifying for the final to be held on the 10th March 2018. Tonight saw Samir & Viktor with the song Suffla and LIAMOO with the song Last Breath advance to the final. Margaret and Mimi Werner qualified for the second chance round.

Tonight's Seven performers were:

1) Samir & Viktor- "Shuffla"

2) Ida Redig- "Allting som vi sa"

3) Jonas Gardell - "Det finns en väg"

4) Margaret - "In My Cabana"

5) Stiko Per Larsson - "Titta vi flyger"

6) Mimi Werner - "Songburning"

7) LIAMOO - "Last Breath"

It is no surprise that Samir & Viktor qualified. The handsome duo have been seen as show favourites after their 2015 Melodifestivalen performance. In other news Ida Refdig came fifth, Stiko Per Larsson came sixth, and Jonas Gardell came last.

Two more artists have now qualified for the final. The remaining list of shows are as follows:

Semi-Final 3 to be held on the 17th February 2018

Semi- Final 4 to be held on the 24th February 2018

Second Chance Round to be held on the 3rd March 2018

Melodifestivalen Final to be held on the 10th March 2018.

The biggest show in Sweden's television calendar is well under way. Two of the artists are guaranteed a place in the final, did your favourite qualify? Please tell us in the comments below.

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