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Hungary | The first 4 finalists of A Dal selected

The first semifinal of the Hungarian national selection A Dal was held tonight, with 9 competitors taking part. The selection of the finalists took place in two phases of the vote. In the first phase of the voting, the jury evaluated the competitors after each performance, and in combination with the votes of the audience we got three finalists. The fourth finalist was chosen by the audience vote.


- Gergely Danielfy- Azt Mondtad

- Zsolt Sule- Zold a majus

-Gabor Heincz Biga- Good vibez

-Leander Kills- Nem szol harang

Didn't qualify:

- Ham ko Ham- Bármerre jársz

- SativuS- Lusta lany

- Gabi Knoll- Nobody to die for

- Roland Gulyas- Hipnotized

- Maszkura és a tücsökraj- Nagybetűs szavak

Next week on February 17th, the second semifinal A Dal will be held in which another four finalists will be chosen. The final of the Hungarian National Selection A Dal will be held on February 24th in Budapest.

The final will be composed of two stages of voting. In the first phase, the jury will select 8 finalists, four of whom will go to the second stage to battle it out to become Hungary's representative in Lisbon in May. The decision will made by the public.

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