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Will Saara bring her monsters to Eurovision?

All week Saara Aalto has teased her fans all week with snippets, lyrics and pictures on her social media about her new song Monsters. It is her first of three UMK songs, and a possible Eurovision song. On the 3rd of March we will know if Monsters is the one for Finland and Saara. In an earlier released video (on UMK’s youtube account) Saara talks about her thoughts on her new song. For her it is personal and empowering, even if there is a dark tone to it. The fears, the monsters exist but there is a way to take the control back to oneself. Saara also opens up about her insecurities of not being good enough and letting go from the monsters from the past. Click here to watch the video.

The song writing team for monsters is quite international, with names like Joy and Linnea Deb, co writers of Heroes (winner of Eurovision 2015) and Ki Fitzgerald who has Eurovision in his blood as he is the son of Scott Fitzgerald (represented UK in 1988).

The song itself might remind of ”No fear”, which was Saara’s song in UMK 2016. Monsters however is stepping up the game, it’s more interesting and fearless. It’s all in, holding nothing back. It is far brighter than the teasers on Saara’s social media, which is a good thing. The monsters she is making friends with are present, but Saara is the star.

So now, finally the song and the music video are out (if you haven't watched it already, click here). It has been out on youtube for over 13 hours and it has almost 82 000 views. Visually the video is a success, full of glitter and creative makeup looks. Very much like Saara herself!

Monsters is a song to dance to, and we can’t wait to see what Saara has in her sleeve for the performance on stage. And moreover, what the following two songs have to offer. Stay tuned for updates!

Do you think Monsters can be Finland’s triumph in Eurovision? Let us know your thoughts!

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