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Leonid Gutkin To Work On Yulia Samoilova's Eurovision Entry

Yulia was the artist that everyone talked about last year. She entered Eurovision with her song called, "Flame Is Burning", but ended up being embroiled in a political row that saw her being withdrawn from the competition. However, her flame was not extinguished for long as Russia's Channel One recently announced that she would be given another chance, and will be present in Lisbon.

It has been reported that the song writer Leonid Gutkin, who is attributed as being the writer for Russia's 2015 entry, "A Million Voices" sung by Polina Gagarina, will also be the man responsible for Yulia's Eurovision entry this year.

Yulia's husband Alexei Taran has confirmed that Leonid will be involved in penning the song. There has been rumours on the theme of the song, but nothing can be confirmed until it is written and released.

This is not the first time Leonid has been part of previous Eurovision entries. He was responsible for Polina Gagarina's "A Million Voices" in 2015. He wrote "Flame Is Burning" for Russia last year. He also wrote "What If" which was Russia's entry in 2013. Moldova has even seen his efforts been acknowledged when he penned their entry "Falling Stars" back in 2016.

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