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Czech Republic's Mikolas Josef To Perform At Ukraine's Vidbir Semi -Final One

Tomorrow, Ukraine will begin it's search for the next Eurovision artist to represent them. The first semi final of their selection show 'Vidbir' will air, and will feature the Czech Republic's very own Mikolas Josef.

Since the popular young artist won for the Czech Republic, he has been very busy indeed. He has already been to Portugal to film his Eurovision postcard, and this weekend his international promotional tour begins, as he performs in Ukraine.

There is no doubt that Mikolas is a popular artist. He won the honour of representing the Czech Republic by winning the public and international jury vote a few weeks ago. His song "Lie To Me" will have to be changed to a cleaner version that contains less swear words.

Check out his song here:

The Czech Republic are hoping that this young artist will change their fortunes at the contest. Since it's first participation back in 2007 it has only managed to qualify for the grand final once. Even then the song came last on the night. There is no doubt that Mikolas will do well in Lisbon. There is already so much buzz going on in regards to his song. Tomorrow night, the viewers will get a little preview on how he performs on a larger scale.

Tomorrow, will see nine artist compete in Vidbir's first semi final that will see only three songs qualify for their grand final to be held on the 24th February 2018.

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