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Viewing Figures For Eurovision- You Decide Less Than A Million

It has been less than a day since the United Kingdom chose "SuRie" with her song "Storm". The show which was broadcast on BBC Two last night attracted less than a million viewers.

The total amount for the show was 920,000 viewers which aired live from Brighton's famous dome. The over all share of the programme was 4.8%. What is surprising, is that the regular programme at that time slot for BBC Two would in actual fact see average viewing figures at 1.1 million . Eurovision- You Decide attracted 200,000 less than it would generally.

This year saw it's second time at BBC 2, having previously been on BBC 4. The viewing figures have gone from an impressive 5.6 million in 2009 to less than a million only 9 years later.

Why Are The Viewing Figures So Low?

First and foremost it can be attributed to the possibility that the show did not get much in the way of advertisement. Last year, their popular "The One Show" would plug the national final before airing. This year it did not have that.

Secondly, it was moved from a Friday to a Wednesday night. Traditionally television programmes get better viewing figures on the weekends, than during the middle part of the week.

Finally, it may all be down to the channel. In previous years the BBC have held the show on a Sunday afternoon which always got mixed viewing figures. However, since 2004-2010 the nation tended to show case its stars on a prime time Saturday slot. The BBC have stopped doing this, and figures have certainly dropped.

What could be the way forward for the BBC or have they lost all heart in the contest? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below?

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