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The Cypriot Entry Expected To Be Released Near The End Of February

The head of delegation for the Cypriot Broadcaster CyBC has revealed in a press conference today that their entry "Fuego" sung by the Greek star "Eleni Foureira" will be released towards the end of February.

Evi Papamichael (head of Cypriot delegation) has stated that the filming for the official music video will be this month, and that they want it to be, "something impressive and fit with the song and Eleni Foureira".

The press conference was the first since Eleni was officially confirmed. The conference which was aptly held in Greece gave details of the entry itself. Of the song, the talented artist explained that she wanted it to be, "dynamic, dance, modern and contains ethnic elements and more specifically clarinet".

It will be fairly apparent that the fans are going to love this song. She is already famous in her own right in both Greece and Cyprus, so Eurovoxx expects the traditional exchange of "douze point".

Eleni Foureira's name has long been circulating throughout the Eurovision community with many fans hoping that one day she would find her way to the Eurovision stage. It isn't as though she hasn't been trying. Eleni Foureira has voiced her desire to perform in front of millions of Europeans, even submitting songs to the Hellenic Broadcasting Cooperation in 2016 and 2017 but ultimately to no avail. Nevertheless, Eurofans will finally get to see Eleni, albeit for Cyprus instead of Greece.

The artistic director for the song will be Sacha Jean-Baptiste who is no stranger to the contest, having been behind several other previous entries. Also, Alex Papaconstatinou will pen the entry. He too has worked with other Eurovision entries, and worked with world famous super stars. Could the combination of all these musical factors give Cyprus their first ever victory?

Eleni Foureira has won multitudes of awards in her music career and has released countless music videos across a plethora of albums solidifying her credentials as a fantastic opportunity for Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest. The star is famous in both Greece, and Cyprus.

Are you looking forward to the release of the entry? What are you expecting? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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