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Serbia: Beovizija songs released

Yesterday at noon, RTS officially released 17 songs that will be competing in the upcoming Beovizija, Serbian national selection this February. The songs are consist of different genres, from jazz to ethno music. This year Beovizija will be held after a 9 years absence, and will be aired on February 20th 2018 in Serbia's capital city Belgrade. The winner will be selected from 50% jury panel and 50% public vote.

Competing artists:

1. SevdahBABY - Hajde da igramo sada

2. Rambo Amadeus ft Beti Djordjevic - Nema te

3. Maja Nikolic - Zemlja cuda

4. Srdjan Marjanovic - Bar da znam

5. Ivan Kurtic - Ni sunca ni meseca

6. Sanja Ilic ft Balkanika - Nova deca

7. Koktel Balkan - Zato

8. Boris Rezak - Vila

9. Lana ft Aldo - Jaca od svih

10. Dusan Svilar - Pod krosnjom bagrema

11. Igor Lazarevic - Bezi od mene

12. Saska Jankovic - Pesma za tebe

13. Lord - Samo nek se okrece

14. Danijel Pavlovic - Ruza sudbine

15. BASS - Umoran

16. Osmi vazduh ft Friends - Probudi se

17. Biber ft DJ Niko Bravo - Svatovi

All songs are available at RTS Pesma Evrovizije - official youtube channel. What do you think of the songs? Tell us in the comments below.

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