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How SuRie Went From Under Dog To The Chosen One At Eurovision- You Decide

Last night was the third annual Eurovision- You Decide competition, that saw the United Kingdom chose to send SuRie with her song "Storm" as their representative to Lisbon. The extremely talented singer, won with a rapturous applause and response showing how popular, and well liked she is.

In the pre-contest line up it was all "Asanda", who had amassed nearly 175 thousand hits on YouTube with her modern, up-tempo song "Legends". Others such as RAYA were also tipped to do well. However, it was one woman alone who stole the show. That woman was the tall, elegant and beautiful "SuRie". Although, "Storm" was never disregarded, it was certainly seen as a bit of an outsider compared to some of the other entries. The powerful voice and performer clearly stole the show.

The competition held in Brighton's famous "Dome " started off well with RAYA dancing, and singing her way in to the hearts of the audience. Liam Tamne, Jaz Ellington and Goldstone all hit the right notes too with their amazing voices. Then it was Asanda's turn. It looked very unlikely that this young performer could be knocked off the top spot. Her performance was very modern, and energetic. What was impressive is that for such a young singer, she managed to hit every note. Could this be beaten? It certainly could!

Something magic happened, "SuRie" dressed in turquoise, came onto the stage. The audience waited with baited breath, then within seconds TV gold. The lighting dimmed, and she began to gently sing her song, and then stormed her way through her winning entry. SuRie didn't even manage to get to the chorus before most of the audience were singing with her. Something spectacular was happening, she seemed to convert even the most hardened Eurovision fan on to her side. The performance was very anthemic, and certainly would have given many listening goose pimples. A couple of the Eurovoxx team even stated "this is the winner". It wasn't just a song, but SuRie seemed to be singing for her right to be on that stage. She owned the stage, and owned the right to be in Lisbon. No more the backing singer!!! Now Britain's chosen one.

The song was 3 minutes, the appluase felt longer. It was fairly apparent to anyone who witnessed this special moment, that she would win the contest. When it was officially confirmed, it appeared that the whole of the Eurovision audience was behind her. There was no doubt she was the best on the night. She'd won with a song full of power and passion. If she could whip the audience up in Brighton, she can most certainly do the same in Lisbon.

Nothing is certain, and even if it doesn't score well. The professionalism, and power of SuRie will ensure the audience will be up on their feet in Portugal. She will do the UK proud, and become a fantastic ambassador for the nation. SuRie joked in an interview that she was once labelled a "Tesco Annie Lennox", after tonight's performance she has definitely been upgraded to "Harrods".

SuRie is a seasoned performer having appeared on the Eurovision stage twice before. Belgium were lucky enough to have her expertise back in 2015 and 2017 when Loic Notett and Blanche benefited from her experience as backing singer. She has classical roots, and also provided backing vocals for the likes of Chris Martin and Will Young.

Like what you have seen? Check out Eurovoxx interview with her below.

Could SuRie make some changes for Lisbon? Stay tuned to find out. SuRie stole the show last night. Tell us what you think of the song in the comments below.

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