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Finland | Saara Aalto Reveals First Song Title In UMK

Today, Saara Aalto revealed the first of the three songs - albeit only the song title, she will be performing at the forthcoming UMK, one of the three songs will be selected to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest. However Saara isn't giving everything away before the song is released on Friday 9th February and only released the song title - Monsters.

Saara made the announcement in a short video on her Twitter, which showed her and seven men, all dressed extravagantly and in heavy makeup sounding off their name one by one, with Saara saying as the final line "These are my monsters, and I am not scared anymore"

Saara is announcing one song a week, the first this coming Friday and the remaining two on the 16th and 23rd February respectively. At this moment we don't know the writing behind Monsters, but it has been no secret Saara has been working the the likes of Thomas G:Son, Linnea Deb and Norma John in previous months.

How excited are you for Monsters? Do you feel Saara is releasing the best song first? Let us know your thoughts!

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