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They'll be Crying At The Discoteque as Alcazar announce they are splitting up!

Get your tissues ready because Alcazar have announced they will be splitting up later this year!

After 20 years, Alcazar have announced that 2018 will be their last year together as a trio. They gave a statement to Swedish Tabloid Aftonbladet, and this is what they had to say:

"We will dance all night long, as if there is no tomorrow. That's when our mission will be complete."

Despite the fact that they will be splitting up in autumn, 2018 is already shaping up to be a busy year for the trio! They will be singing the official anthem for Europride 2018 with their song "In The Name Of Love" which is rumored to have been their potential Melodifestivalen 2018 song. They will also be going on tour in October and November, which will be the end to their career.

Alcazar - where did it all begin?

Alcazar was formed in 1998 by Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Annika Kjærgaard, and they have since cemented themselves as one of Sweden's most successful groups! With their schlager/europop/disco sound, they have released a string of hits both in Sweden and internationally, including their worldwide hit "Crying At The Discoteque in 2001 that topped the charts in the USA, Australia, Brazil and Europe! They have gone onto sell millions of records world wide and have become a household name in Sweden.

Your face looks familiar!

Over the years, the Alcazar line-up has undergone some changes. Annika Kjærgaard, who was one of the founding members, left in 2007 after 8 years with the band. In 2002, Magnus Carlsson joined the group, and for a few years, the band performed as a quartet, until Magnus left in 2007 alongside Annika. It was then that Lina Hedlund joined the group and has remained a member ever since!

Just taking a break!

In 2005, the band decided to take a hiatus, one which would last until 2007. During this time, Andreas Lundstedt, one of the founding members of Alcazar, sang at The Eurovision Song Contest 2006 for Switzerland as part of the international band SIX4ONE. They finished in 16th place in the final with 30 points, even receiving the maximum 12 points from Malta! Magnus Carlsson started forging out a solo career for himself. He took part in Melodifestivalen 2006 with his song "Lev Livet", making it to the final. He returned to Melodifestivalen in 2007 with "Live Forever", reaching 5th place in the final.

Alcazar made their return to music in 2007 with a one-off performance at London nightclub G-A-Y alongside Swedish dance bands BWO and Army of Lovers. Lina Hedlund joined Andreas and Therese on stage, and they have been performing as a trio ever since!

Alcazar at Melodifestivalen:

Alcazar have participated in Melodifestivalen a total of 5 times! Their first taste of Melodifestivalen came in 2003 when they entered with the song "Not a Sinner, Nor a Saint". They made it to the final via Andra Chansen where they finished in 3rd place. Despite not winning, the song became a big hit in Sweden and gave Alcazar their first number 1!

Alcazar returned in 2005 with "Alcastar", and once again, they made it to the final via Andra Chansen. They finished in third place again, and scored their second number 1 in Sweden.

Undeterred, they came back in 2009 with the very catchy disco number "Stay The Night". They qualified directly to the final and finished in a respectable 5th place.

Alcazar were back just one year later with "Headlines", but unfortunatley, they failed to make it to the Andra Chansen round.

Alcazar decided to come back for one last time in 2014 with their infectiously catchy song "Blame It On The Disco". They made it to the final and finished in 3rd place behind Sanna Neilsen and Ace Wilder.

So after 20 years of catchy pop tunes, lots of dancing and a whole lot more sequins and sparkle, it's time to bid farewell to one of the greatest bands Europe has ever seen, (and heard), Alcazar.

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