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SuRie Talks To Eurovoxx

With just three days to go until the United Kingdom decides who will be their next representative, Eurovxx were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to speak to the six acts vying to become Lucie Jones' predecessor at Eurovision. This year the BBC gave various journalists, and bloggers a chance to meet the stars before the live national final on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Andy was lucky enough to speak to SuRie who will be singing her stylish, infectious song "Storm" in the hope of flying the flag for the UK in May. Check out the interview below. This is what she had to say to Andy.

The interview started with Andy stating that SuRie had Eurovision experience before as she had been the backing singer for Belgium's 2015 and 2017 entries. She told us, "because of that amazing opportunity with the Belgian's that I had the luck of meeting some of the UK team in Kyiv, and that started this whole process of the last year". It's a good thing for the UK that this talented singer had that opportunity, as it has given us a chance to have the potential of a wonderful entry called "Storm".

Of her journey to Eurovision, she told us that, "I never knew Eurovision would feature so heavily in my existence, I am very grateful for it, I wouldn't change it for a thing". She gleamed with pleasure telling Andy how proud she was at the prospect of representing her country at Eurovision.

Of the song, Surie told us, "when I met the UK team back in Kyiv, I was then invited to the song writing camps to create options for the UK , and other countries around the world, I was writing for Denmark, Switzerland...Storm came up last minute onto my radar...we were hitting the end of the year, and I thought never mind, the right track hasn't come up". She then went on to explain, "Storm I hadn't heard... I went hang on a minute, that's sounds like something I can play with... So I said let me do a SuRie take on it... I won them all over and got the gig". It almost sounds like fate, that she was meant to have this song. Eurovoxx couldn't imagine anyone else singing this. If you haven't heard it, check it out below.

SuRie feels a connection with the song, saying that it instantly grabbed her. She was quick to tell us that although she didn't write it, she learnt, and knew it was for herself straight away. The talented singer said, "it was catchy, it was me, it felt right, and it's the beautiful mix of the piano led singer, songwriter which is my kind of style, and then building up to have a bit of a party, which is what we all are at Eurovision for as well". Eurovoxx certainly wouldn't mind being present at a SuRie party at all.

Of the pressure for the United Kingdom to do well again, she told us that she didn't feel the pressure personally. "It is a song contest, so it's going to come down to them songs from whichever country you are from... What I think is beautiful is that the UK is definitely doing this" (shows us going up). Euroxx will definitely agree there, as the standard of songs through the years have increased indeed. This year, we would go as far as saying exceptional.

The reaction to SuRie has also been positive, the blond bombshell smiled with happiness when she told us that, "Twitter melted, my phone melted, but in a good way, in a positive way, and this is what I love about it. Everyone is going to have different tastes, different opinions, that is the beauty of music ". It was kind of coincidental that she got called a "Tesco Annie Lennox". One of the Eurovoxx contributors stated that she sounded like Annie, when he first heard of the song. SuRie is very gracious and took this as a compliment, and stated, "it's fun".

To finish of the interview we asked what her earliest Eurovision memory was, "this is one that I am going really disappoint you Andy, because it was 2015.... Eurovision was something that was not on my map, my brain is hooked I am a super fan now". The late starters are most certainly make the best fans.

It was an absolute pleasure talking to SuRie at the BBC. She was so gracious, friendly, and chatty. Eurovoxx could see how much she really has enjoyed Eurovision, and would think she would be the perfect ambassador for the UK. Everyone would like to wish her the very best on Wednesday, and sure that if she wins, she will do the United Kingdom proud. "You go girl". Do you like "Storm" ? please let us know in the comments below.

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