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Goldstone Talks To Eurovoxx

With just three days to go until the United Kingdom decides who will be their next representative, Eurovxx were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to speak to the six acts vying to become Lucie Jones' predecessor at Eurovision. This year the BBC gave various journalists, and bloggers a chance to meet the stars before the live national final on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Andy was lucky enough to speak to Goldstone, a trio of beauties made up of Rhiannon, Aimie and Helen with the song "I Feel The Love", a very catchy, up-tempo and positive number in the hope of flying the flag for the UK in May. Check out the interview below, and this is what they had to say to Andy.

The interview began with the girls telling Andy about the crazy Eurovision experience. The told him, "it's so crazy, exciting, we're having a ball we really are. I don't want it to end". We really hope it doesn't as their song is so infectious and uplifting. The Trio told us that they were not put together for Eurovision, it started with two of them, and Rhiannon was the last member to join. The girl group have been together for around three years.

Andy asked has 'Eurovision always been an ambition?' We didn't have to wait long for answer, the girls exclaimed "Yes" especially Aimie who had been a massive fan. She told us, "I am a big fan since I was a kid, me and my mum used to have parties... all sorts really. It's a dream come true". We hope this dream becomes a reality and they get to represent the UK.

Of the song, and how it came about, they told Eurovoxx that, "they have a big writers camp now, which is so exciting as they have all these incredible writers that have written for some crazy people, and they get together, and they all write specifically for Eurovision... and as you probably know the songs are so strong this year...We feel really lucky...we love the song it's wicked". We certainly share their sentiments. If you've not heard Goldstone's song, check it out below.

When asked about people's reactions to the song, and feedback that they had received, they admitted that they had heard some. "The fans have been so nice. the best fans ever as the Eurovision fans, they are so on it... it's been incredible". They were very amused when Andy described Euro fans as being crazy, which is true. They are not allowed to give too much away in regards to their performance, but we were told, "it's got to be a surprise, we love putting on a good show, its full of energy... we want everyone to dance.... girl power". They radiate so much positivity that it was infectious, and made us all smile.

The girls told us some of their earliest memories of Eurovision was Sonia back in the 90's, precious were also mentioned. Aimie told us, "I've been a girl band fan ever since". The girls also showed their diverse side by also naming Lordi as an early memory for themselves. These answers make several of us feel quite old in the team.

Although 'Eurovision- You Decide', has not aired yet. Goldstone are very optimistic and positive in regards to their future. They hope to have an album out after the contest. We are sure their performance will project them into the mind set of the UK public, and they will achieve great things. Aimie said, "we have got a few things on the back burner, we are really just waiting to see what happens on the 7th... We will still be a group". We certainly hope so as their song is so good.

What is nice about this group is that you can clearly see that they enjoy what they do, and have so much fun. Goldstone said, " we do it with our best friends, we travel the world... it's the best... it's not a job, we have so much fun".

Aimie lives in Brighton and said if they win she will show us around the pretty sea side town. They would definitely have a night out on the town, and be like party girls who just wanna have fun. "For sure, there will be a party", we were told.

We would like to wish Goldstone the very best of luck on Wednesday. They have amazing voices, and an incredibly catchy up-tempo song that sends out the right message. Eurovoxx will be cheering them on with word, and gesture. "You Go Girls".

What do you think of the song? Please tell us in the comments below.

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