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Denmark revealed snippets of Melodi Grand Prix 2018

Last year they sent the beautiful lady Anja, who wore her then famous red dress. She sung a strong ballad called 'Where I am', and took Denmark to the Grand final after a couple of years of not qualifying. Since 2016 Denmark have seen some hard times trying to qualify to the finals. It seems that Denmark are taking things more serious this year, with it's preperations well under way. Today, they revealed their 10 songs all vying to be their next Eurovision entrant. To listen to the songs click the link here.

The 10 artist and entries are:

1. Ditte Marie - Riot

2. Anna Ritsmar - Starlight

3. Rasmussen - Higher Ground

4. Sannie - Boys on Girls - Whigfield

5. Sandra - Angels to my battlefield

6. Lasse Meling - Unfound

7. Carlsen - Standing up for love

8. Karui - Signals

9. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe - Holder fast i ingenting

10. Albin Fredy - Music for the Road'

Among the 10 artists, there are two that have participated in Melodi Grand Prix previously. Ditte Marie participated in 2012 with her song 'Overflow', and Albin Fredy tried his luck in 2013 with his entry 'Beautiful to me'. Among these artists, this year's competition will also have the Danish X factor participant Anna Ritsmar. Lasse Meling is hoping to play his cards right. He made a very good cover of the UK's entry last years, 'Never Give Up On You'. More importantly however, this year we have Sannie, a popular name for 1990s music lovers. One of her stage names was Whigfield, where her debut single 'Saturday Night' was hit number one, selling over two million copies worldwide. She also became the first female artist to enter the British charts at number one with her debut song.

This Saturday, will see Denmark being the first Nordic country to select its Eurovision artist. The competition will be held in Aalborg and see the ten artists battle it out to earn it's right for a ticket to Lisbon.

What do you think of the Danish line up this year ? Which of these artists do you believe can bring Denmark its next Eurovision victory? Please tell us in the comments below.

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