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Switzerland | Zibbz Will Represent Switzerland At The Eurovision Song Contest 2018 With The Song &qu

This weekend has seen yet another country chose its artist and song for the Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight, was all about Switzerland who opted to find their representative through their national final, 'Entscheidungs Show'. The central European nation chose Zibbz with the song "Stones" to represent them in Lisbon.

Tonight, saw the following artists competed for the Euro song crown:

  1. Zibbz – "Stones"

  2. Angie Ott – "A thousand times"

  3. Naeman – "Kiss me"

  4. Chiara Dubey – "Secrets and lies"

  5. Alejandro Reyes – "Compass"

  6. Vanessa Iraci – "Redlights"

In a very close jury vote, Zibbz faced stiff competition from fellow selection favourite Alejandro Reyes and his entry "Compass" but Zibbz managed to score a perfect 12 from five of the seven international juries voting and edged the jury vote with 76 points with Alejandro on 72. The public vote seemed to follow suit having Zibbz and Alejandro as their favourites of the evening, however the gap was more apparent this time with Alejandro scoring 48 points with the public and Zibbz and impressive 77, giving them a clearly victory overll.

1 - Zibbz "Stones" - 153 Points

2 - Alejandro Reyes - "Compass" - 120 Points

3 - Vanessa Iraci - "Redlights" - 67 Points

4 - Chiara Dubey - "Secrets & Lies" - 66 Points

5 - Angie Ott - "A Thousand Times" - 65 Points

6 - Naeman - "Kiss Me" - 33 Points

Switzerland are really hoping to reverse its fortunes this year after they failed to qualify for the Eurovision Grand Final for the last three years. The landlocked country had made headlines recently as it held a writing camp to flush out the best writers that the small nation has. The Entscheidungs Show grand final was held in the studios of Swiss Broadcaster SRF in Zurich. The overall winner ??? was decided by a 50% public televote, and 50% international jury that consisted Albania, Armenia, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel and Italy vote.

Zibbz are a brother and sister duo, Corrine and Stee Gfeller, who of Swiss descent live and work in Los Angeles as well as in Switzerland, they have been playing and working together as a duo since 2011 and sigt their Eurovision idols as The Common Linnets, could they strike a similar result to them in 2014?

So its Zibbz have secured the right to be Switzerland's 59th Eurovision representative at Lisbon 2018. What do you think of this choice. Please tell us in the comments below.

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