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Jaz Ellington Talks To Eurovoxx

With just four days to go until the United Kingdom decides who will be their next representative, Eurovoxx were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to speak to the six acts vying to become Lucie Jones' predecessor at Eurovision. This year the BBC gave various journalists, and bloggers a chance to meet the stars before the live national final on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Andy was lucky enough to speak to Jaz Ellington who will be singing his smooth, yet soulful song "You" in the hope of flying the flag for the UK in May. Check out the interview below. This is what he said to Andy:

The first thing he told us about "Eurovision- You Decide" was that he was nervous, but also very excited at the prospect of being the United Kingdoms' next Eurovision entrant, "I am bouncing off the walls" he exclaimed. Jaz tries not to dig into the social media sphere, and is not that familiar with the Euro fans reaction to his song. However, the bits that has come to his attention is very positive.

Of the song, Andy pointed out to the talented musician that his entry is very musically credible, and that his voice was "The Voice", referring to his stint on the hit show. When asked what he would take from it he told us that, "I suppose I was exposed to singing live on TV.... it doesn't really compare to the world, as Eurovision is technically the world is watching". However, he was quick to say that, "the principles of singing nationally, I will take on board... that is hard and tricky... You will do your best to stay really positive". He emphasised that he loved singing, which can be clearly heard in his voice, and this interview. "I love doing it" he reiterated to us.

Eurovoxx are massive fans of Jaz and his voice, and wondered if he would be adding any gimmicks, or just be "all voice"? The soulful singer was very coy, and mischievous as he teased that, "Oh!! you don't know, you never know. I am not allowed to say but we got a week to go". He did blink once for yes though. Regardless, if there is a gimmick or not, his voice would be more than enough to wow any listener. Please listen to his song below.

Andy had to ask Jaz if he had paid attention to Eurovision before, he was very quick to answer and said, "I have, I really enjoyed Mans Zelmerlowe, I loved Hero's, Hero was big. Last year my favourite was the Netherlands, the girls... I loved the passion they brought, they were so good." With this answer Mr Ellington has certainly won a few more points from the Eurovoxx team.

Of his earliest Eurovision memory he told us that, "I remember getting together with some friends at school to watch Eurovision, I don't remember any names, but remember getting together and watching Eurovision".

If he wins "Eurovision- You Decide", Jaz told us that he would "Bounce off the walls for a week, I am going to run to the park and start twirling". That is something that we definitely want to see. "It will be to much for me, I will probably go missing for three weeks... I don't know what I would de because that honour of representing your country is everything". These are such lovely sentiments, coming form a genuinely wonderful man and performer. However, we wouldn't want him to go missing for too long, as there would be much work to be done.

Eurovoxx senses that Jaz loves a party, and if he does it will be the biggest party. The interview ended with a quick twirl which made us all chuckle.

It was such a pleasure to talk to Jaz Ellington. He definitely is an amazingly nice guy, who radiates positivity and fun. There is no doubt that his voice is amazing and powerful. This coming Wednesday will see him compete to be the United Kingdom's next Eurovision entrant. The whole team would like to wish him the very best of luck, and hopes he can life the Eurovision crown.

Do you like his song? Please tell us in the comments below.

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