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Liam Tamne Talks To Eurovoxx

With just five days to go until the United Kingdom decides who will be their next representative, Eurovxx were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to speak to the six acts vying to be Lucie Jones' predecessor at Eurovision. This year the BBC gave various journalists, and bloggers a chance to meet the stars before the live national final on Wednesday 7th February 2018. Andy was lucky enough to speak to Liam Tamne who will be singing his song "Astronaut" in the hope of flying the flag for the UK in May. Check out the interview below. This is what he said to Andy.

Liam told us that his whole journey started before Christmas when he was doing Pantomime. He told us that his agent had called him to say, "The BBC have been on the phone, and they want to know if you want to do Eurovision? I was like Eurovision I watch every single year. So I was like hold the front door. I'm doing it... This is perfect". He was very excitable over the prospect, and told us that he was a fan of Eurovision, and it was what he wanted to do. Liam told us that he felt like it was a dream, but it wasn't... "I woke up" .

Of the song Liam told Andy that, "I instantly connected. I tell you why? because it's just so relatable, it's timeless, it's ageless, it appeals to so many people, and I find it sounds like that British song writer sort of feel". The young singer also told us that his team have made a few little tweaks to the live version. We are very excited to hear these changes.

The song itself is relatable for Liam as he was going through a tough period in his life before he was due to get married. The song is about, "being that person that lifts someone up. Listen I would love to be an Astronaut but that is not going to happen". He giggled that "I will stick to the singing". If you've not heard it please check out the song below:

As previously mentioned, the talented singer really connects to the song and said, "I don't like doing something unless I believe I am doing the right thing, or believe it". Liam is used to singing for hours, as he has done various musical shows so tells us that the 3 minutes should be a "breeze" compared to the hour or so singing he usually does. He was quick to explain that it wasn't arrogance speaking. We can well believe this, as he struck the team as a very likeable, caring and charming guy. As he said, "I have one shot, so it is not like I have four or five other songs to prove myself".

Earlier in the interview Liam explained how he was a fan of Eurovision, and that it had always been an ambition. He was very open about his sexuality, his heritage, and his background as a true Coventry city guy. All of these to him is, "all about diversity and representing the United Kingdom as they stand today, and my song sounds British... it is not as up beat as some of the others, but it is the deliverance on the night, and the capability of it to deliver that performance. I believer I am a true representation of the United Kingdom today". Lovely words indeed from a very pleasant and down to earth singer.

With his song playing in the background Liam told us that he has many memories of Eurovision, from his mum telling him of it when he was a child "but probably it is Michael Ball", he was also keen to say that he had worked with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Jade Ewan's "My Time" was another song he remembered, and was fond off. If all the hard word pays off on Wednesday, it could be Liam's time.

It was a real pleasure talking to Liam, he genuinely would be fantastic representative for the United Kingdom today at Eurovision. All the team would like to wish Liam Tamne the very best of luck on Wednesday when he performs his song "Astronaut" at Brighton Dome for "Eurovision- You Decide". Good Luck!!!

Tell us what you think of the song in the comments below:

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