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Eurovoxx Talks To Aidan From Malta

Tonight Malta decides which artist it will chose to be its representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Elliot from Eurovoxx had the great honour of interviewing Aidan one of the countries hopefuls. This young star will perform his song "Dai Laga" written by himself in the hope of being Malta's next big star at Eurovision. Very friendly, and smiley wearing a black and red hoody he happily spoke to Eurovoxx check the interview out below:

Aidan told us that he wrote his song around January 2017, and that it was not intended specifically for Eurovision, but for his EP. Of the name of the song "Dai Laga" he told an amusing story, on how everyone was messages him asking, "What does it mean?". He very mischieviously said that he invented the word himself and that, "it is not Maltese or Hindu", and that it means, "being me... being comfortble in my own skin".

Aidan has the honour of opening the Maltese national final, and he told us that, "it doesn't affect me really... it was shocking at first... more pressure". He says although it is first, he still has a chance of doing well and winning.

This young artist is talented indeed. He had two songs reaching the top of all songs submitted. The first was called "See You", and the second was the selected "Dai Laga". Ultimately the latter got chosen for the national final, and that his vocal coach encouraged him to participate for the countries national final.

He is no stranger to success as his song "Drums" went to number one in the Maltese charts for a couple of weeks. This will certainly propel him to the front of the nations minds when he sings for his Eurovision opportunity. He tells us, "I wasn't actually prepared to have a single at the first position. It was quite super excited".

Aidan pictured with some of the other Maltese hopefuls

In regards to the song "Dai Laga" he tells us that it is a pop song, and "radio friendly...I honestly think it will do great in the charts as well. It also has some Caribbean vibes to it which I think some of the sound will stand out as well". Team Eurovoxx likes the sound of it already.

He emphatically said that he would definitely consider doing this again, exclaiming, "I Will...I Will... To be honest I have said this before as well, I am quite a huge Eurovision fan... being part of this and having an interview with you and other guys is super, super, amazing".

This genuinely lovely man radiated his passion for the contest he said, "I love it.... I Love it. We get to hear 42/43 songs yearly, some of them are in their native language....different sounds. Every country gets to send their best songs. I think that is the best thing about Eurovision".

When asked about his personal favourite Eurovision songs over the years, Aidan told Elliot, "I don't think I would be cheesy enough if I were to say Euphoria.....Heroes". He went on to say that he enjoyed the last four or five winners. "They are all pretty good". Of his favourite Maltese entry he told us that he loved "Walk on Water" by Ira Losco, but was also a fan of Gianluca and Amber.

Aidan through his song wants to portray fun and being young, and wants people to dance with him when he is on that stage.

To his fans Aidan said, "Thank You to everyone who has commented for the past month or so... Thanks to you".

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