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Switzerland | National Final Running Order Revealed

The running order for the national selection show for Switzerland has been released and we now know the six artists will compete in on this coming Sunday - February 4th.

SRF released the running order today and it is as follows:

Zbizz - "Stones"

Chiara Dubey - "Secrets & Lies"

Naeman - "Kiss Me"

Angie Ott - "A Thousand Times"

Alejandro Reyes - "Compass"

Vanessa Iraci - "Redlights"

Only six entries have competed in the Swiss national final since 2014, in that time all the of their winning entries have performed either fifth or sixth in the running order, does this mean Alejandro or Vanessa have the best shot of winning the show? The winner will be decided via a 50% televote and 50% of an international jury, which will consist of seven countries, including Germany and France. Switzerland are competing in the second half of the first semi final which will take place on Tueday 8th May and looking for their third qualification to the final in twelve years, their only previous qualifcation success in that time frame are Anna Rossinelli in 2011 and SeBalter in 2014.

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