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Czech Republic | Mikolas Josef To Work On "Clean" Version Of Eurovision Entry

On Monday he was announced as the winner of the online national selection for Czech Republic, but today Mikolas Josef has announced he is already working on rework of his song "Lie To Me" for Eurovision.

Mikolas Josef has been selected to represent the Czech Republic, but the song was quickly pulled up for several moments within the song, firstly for the use of explicit words in the English dictionary being clearly used on two separate occasions, as well as people calling the lyrics in the verses for their questionable meaning and loaded innuendos, Mikolas took to Instagram to say he is heading to Austria to work on a version of "Lie To Me" to meet the EBU requirements to compete, at this time we do not know if the it just the explicit swear words will be removed or a complete re-write of the highlighted lyrics in the verses will be adjusted or removed also.

What do you make of the song? Does much need to be changed? Or is it a bit too risky for Eurovision? Let us know

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