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Czech Republic Releases Full Results Of National Final Voting

It has been a couple of days since the Eurovision world learnt that the Czech Republic decided to sent Mikolas Josef to Lisbon. He will be present with his song "Lie To Me", since then the full voting results of the international juries and public vote have been made known by Česká televise. The results are as follows:

The International Jury

8 Points – Mikolas Josef (68 points overall from the judges)

6 Points – Debbi (54 points overall from the judges)

4 Points – Pavel Callta (34 points overall from the judges)

3 Points – Doctor Victor (30 points overall from the judges)

2 Points – Eva Burešová & Eddie Stoilow (27 points overall from the judges)

The combined results have been published, these do not show the individual votes given by each judge.

The Public Vote

8 points – Mikolas Josef

6 points – Eva Burešová

4 points – Pavel Callta

3 points – Debbi

2 points – Eddie Stoilow

1 point – Doctor Victor

Overall Top 6

16 points – Mikolas Josef Winner

9 points – Debbi

8 points – Eva Burešová

8 points – Pavel Callta

4 points – Doctor Victor

3 points – Eddie Stoilow

Since the songs were shortlisted back on January 8th, Mikolas has stood out as fan favourite. When Eurovoxx spoke to him recently he had revealed he was offered to be the nations representative in 2016 with "My Turn", but admitted he wanted to be voted in to represent his country. This he has achieved with his self penned song, "Lie To Me". He has also become a big hit with the international voters who chose him as their favourite. Check out the interview below:

This year the Czech Republic are hoping to reverse its fortunes at Eurovision. Only once they have qualified for the Grand Final back in 2016. With so many positive vibes coming from fans back home and abroad, could Mikolas give the Czech Republic its best result. Check out the Eurovoxx reaction below:

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