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Sweden | Margaret has a Swedish team behind her

She is fun, she is a pop diva, she is a Slavic beauty... she is Malgorazata Jamrozy and her stage name is Margaret. This name is no stranger to Eurovision Fans, as she has previously participated in Krajowe Eliminacje in 2016 with her great hit 'Cool me Down' (33,000,000 streams) where she was the runner-up to Michał Szpak. She has dominated the Spotify list for the past 2 years. Recently she released her new single called 'What You Do'.

It seems Melodifestivalen is a great platform for foreign artists to perform and get experience with a bigger audience. Previously we have seen Krista Siegfrieds (the Finnish representative in 2013), now it is time for Margaret to try her luck. She will perform her entry 'In My Cabana' on 10th February in Gothenburg. The song has a certain mystery to its name and already makes us intrigued. There is no doubt she comes to the competition in full force, as behind her is an experienced Swedish team, which includes several Melodifestivalen veterans; Anders Wrethov, Linnea Deb, Arash Labaf and Robert Uhlman. With Arash in the team, we have no doubt that it will be another great rhythmic song, as going back in history of Eurovision we get flashbacks like the Azerbaijani entry 'Always', which remains one of the countries best Eurovision result!

Are you excited to hear Margaret's song? Let us know your thoughts!

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