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Spain | Amaia and Alfred will sing at Eurovision 2018

Amaia and Alfred have won Operación Trifuno with their song "Tu Cancion" (Your Song) which they will sing in the grand final of Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

The Eurovision gala of Operación Trifuno was held in Barcelona on Monday night. In the first round, there were a total of five acts, singing two songs each, with all five finalists then singing one song together at the end. The nine competing songs were:

1. Amaia and Alfred - Tu canción" (Your Song)

2. Aitana - "Arde" (It Burns)

3. Aitana and Ana Guerra - Chico malo" (Bad boy)

4. Miriam - "Lejos de tu piel" (Far from your skin)

5. Agnoney and Miriam - (Magia" (Magic)

6. Ana Guerra - "El remedio" (The Remedy)

7. Amaia - "Al cantar" (While singing)

8. Alfred - "Que nos sigan las luces" (May the lights follow us)

9. All 5 Finalists - "Camina" (Walk)

Once all songs had been performed, the voting opened to the public who could vote via SMS and an app vote. The top three who scored the most points progressed onto the second round.

In the second round, all of the votes were reset to zero, and after all three acts performed their songs again, the voting was opened up again to the public. The results of the top three were:

1. Amaia and Alfred - "Tu Cancion"

2. Aitana - "Arde"

3. Aitana and Ana Guerra - "Chico Malo"

Alongside the public, there was also a jury that was only commenting on the performances, not voting. The four jury members were:

1. Julia Varela - Eurovision commentator for Spain

2. Luisa Sobral - Composer of "Amar Pelos Dois", winner of Eurovision 2017 and sister of Eurovision 2017 winner Salvador Sobral

3. Manuel Martos - Artistic Director

4. Victor Escdero - Team member at

Throughout the show, there were also guest performances from Conchita Wurst (Eurovision 2014 winner); J Balvin (Colombian Singer) and Luisa Sobral (Composer of Eurovision winning song 2017).

Check out the performance of "Tu Cancion"below. Do you think Spain made the right choice?


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