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Russia | Channel One has confirmed: It's Yulia Samoylova for Eurovision 2018!

Russian Broadcaster Channel One have today officially announced that Yulia Samoylova will be flying the flag for Russia at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. On the official website for Channel One, it appears that they have confirmed their participation via an official statement.

Yulia has been posting on social media the last few weeks, especially on her official Facebook and Instagram accounts, hinting at a possible Eurovision participation, which led to many fans speculating whether or not Russia would stick to their word and send Yulia to Eurovision. After she was disqualified from taking part in Eurovision 2017, it seems that Yulia has not given up hope of representing her country at Eurovision.

It is also speculated that her husband has written some songs for her, although it is not known yet known whether any one of these songs will make it to Eurovision.


From Kiev to Lisbon

Yulia Samoylova was internally selected by the Russian Broadcaster to represent Russia at Eurovision 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine. However, because Yulia had previously travelled to the disputed area of Crimea, Ukrainian authorities stated that she would be refused entry into Ukraine, therefore, making her Eurovision participation not possible. Despite efforts by the EBU to try and resolve the conflict, ultimately they were not able to reach a solution, so Russia was forced to withdraw from Eurovision 2017. Russia stated at the time that even though Yulia was not able to take part in Eurovision 2017, they would be sending her as their participant for Eurovision 2018.

So are you happy with the news that Yulia will sing for Russia in Eurovision? Let us know what you think in the comments!!


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