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Hungary | 6 more acts qualify from A Dal heat 2

Last night saw the second heat of A Dal in Hungary. A total of 10 acts participated in the second heat, with six of them making it through to the semi finals. Five of the acts qualified to the semi finals with a mix of jury vote and SMS vote, whilst the sixth act qualified during the televote round.

The 6 qualifiers:

1. AWS - Viszlat Nyar

2. Biga - Good Vibez

3. Gergely Danielfy - Azt Mondtad

4. Odett - Aranyhal

5. SativuS - Lusta Lany

6. Yesyes - I Let You Run Away

Maya'n'Peti, Nene, Peet Project, SativuS and Viki Singh all performed in the televote round, with SativuS being the sixth and final qualifier.

Next Saturday sees the third heat of A Dal, where another 10 acts will compete for one of six places in the semi finals.


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